Fountain Pens


In the current age of mass-manufactured products, the reality is that everything you use on a daily basis can be easily and cheaply replaced. While the environmental implications of this phenomenon has been repeated ad infinitum, we overlook another insidious consequence arising from the practice: the normalization of disposabililty. Planned obsolesce has become ingrained in the modern psyche, infecting our behavior, identity, and social relationships with others. By addressing the attitude from the daily things we use, we can improve the quality of our lives and relationships. ...

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Language Notebook


In my latest attempt to learn Russian, I have tasked myself to keep an organized notebook as a learning aid. Note that the system described here simply serves as an additional tool to a comprehensive suite- not a substitute for full-spectrum language instruction. In fact, prerequisites for use of this system include the use of a proper grammar book, as well as the ability to have a native speaker review written entries. ...

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